About Us


Lavaleer Solutions, Inc. (LSI) is at our core a Ross ERP Application Services, Solutions and Integration Provider. Our service team members all have over 25 years of experience working with the Ross ERP application and 3rd party products delivering hundreds of projects for the Ross ERP customer community. EXPANDED MISSION: Today our mission as LSI has expanded! We recognize that while ERP software helps companies run their business there’s much more required for business success. So, along with offering Ross ERP Services and Integrations we now offer customers with some incredible solutions that go beyond the Ross ERP. These solutions are 3rd party products leverage new technologies such as Machine Learning for customer sentiment insights and also continuous visual and audio personal instructions for amazing warehouse management. See what new technology solutions are available for managing your Laboratory and Quality operations for your business to meet regulatory compliance requirements and assure product quality! Lastly, see what our partner solution for 2019 and next year’s Field-to-Fork traceability regulatory requirements. CONNECT WITH LSI Share your business challenges, we’ve been there and can share keen solutions! Let’s work together to “Improve your Ross ERP Experience” and now your technology experience “Beyond ERP”. Call us at 678-471-7731 or email us at sales@lavaleersolutions.com

Our Story

SERVICE PARTNER: For several years starting in 2002 we started as Software Works, Inc (SWI) and contracted with Ross Systems Company to assist customers to fix and find workarounds so customers could actually run Ross ERP version 2.4. DEVELOPMENT PARTNER: Years later we became not only a service contractor but also a contracted development team to develop Ross ERP modules for customers initially developing modules such as Customer Service, Route Accounting, Route Settlement, Route Management, Direct Store Delivery, Barcode Data Collection, and Lockbox Processing. In addition for a steel company we also developed Advanced Manufacturing which was prominent RESELLER: Several years passed and Ross Systems sold to CDC Software and we eventually became the only standing Ross ERP Application Reseller. We had great success selling several new logo deals and also assisting existing customers to overcome their product/vendor problems to “stay” on Ross and hence continue to pay annual maintenance. TODAY: Even today all of our Ross ERP team members continue to provide Ross ERP customers with our service and technical expertise providing upgrades, implementations, development, and so much more! We continue to develop extensions to the Ross ERP application to customers adding to our list of LSI developed products as well as 3rd party solutions.