Beyond ERP

e-DocStorage & Management

    LSI with our emudra partner provides an e-DocStorage and Management solution that supports enterprise-wide document storage. Document Management provides a great deal of features such as scanned document capture, full document encryption, document versions, dashboard view, and extensive document search capabilities. Along with enterprise-wide document support this application is also integrated with the Ross ERP application. This solution is ERP agnostic and protects companies from proprietary document management modules which are MOST often provided by their ERP software. When customers change their ERP solution documents in those ERP solutions are now stranded because it's the ERP solution that provides the document interface! With e-DocStorage this won't happen thus protecting customer's document no matter what ERP solution is used. Note also that customers using an ERP document management solution also limits the type of documents to only those the ERP solution.

Customer Sentiment AI

Use emStream to extract and process social media data to analyze your customer sentiment. See what y our customers are saying about your company, products, brands and more! AI based Customer Sentiment Analytics Download the emStream Brochure Top of Form

Caliber LIMS/QMS

Jasci Warehouse Execution System   With decades of WMS/WES know-how, we’ve built a new class of supply-chain acceleration software from the ground up, tailored to meet the needs of intralogistics via the cloud. Our platform is highly scalable, offering new user experiences and new capabilities to truly compete in today's markets, without months and years of high implementation costs and customized software.