Managed Services

Data Migrations

LSI can migrate your Ross ERP in many ways!  Though there’s generally significant data in a Ross ERP application we have deep experience with merging divisions into one as well as merging multiple companies to one.  It may sound easy but we move all detail history data which includes many gigabytes of data.  In addition we have completed many projects to restructure the GL Accounts in existing data. As the GL data is extensive throughout the Ross ERP application this is a daunting job but LSI team is up to the task!  All of our projects of this nature requires extensive knowledge of the Ross ERP database structures and associated domain dependencies which demonstrates our LSI associates expertise.

VM Migration

Companies running the Ross ERP application quickly find out that their Ross ERP software license ties itself to the MAC address of the server.  This makes moving the application to another server impossible unless granted and paying for a new license key for the new server MAC address.  Thus when a customer wants to upgrade to a new server the way to do so is to create a Virtual Environment (VM) that can programmed with the existing server MAC address.  Sound confusing, give us a call and we’ll be happy to set this up for you!