Automated AP Processing

AP Automation is now easy with the KOFAX solution which is now integrated with the Ross ERP application.  For companies that deal with lots of purchase order invoices this solution is a lifesaver.  Customers can capture and extract the Purchase Invoice data by simply scanning vendors Purchase Invoices and via our xml integration to Ross ERP the extracted data is used to create the Ross ERP Purchase Invoice transaction document. Scanning /processing exceptions are the only PO Invoices that must be worked cutting the processing of these invoices significantly!

LSI provides AP Automation with KOFAX. LSI has worked with Kofax software to provide Accounts Payable (AP) Purchase Order Invoice automation. Our customer processes more than 2000 PO Invoices a day and now most invoices are processed automatically. Scan your vendor invoice and the LSI integration does a PO match and creates your Ross ERP invoice document in Ross. If there’s no Purchase Order to match an AP Payment Entry is created.