New Customer Joins LSI Support of Ross ERP: Yet another customer has joined the LSI customer community using our Support Services for Ross ERP application. LSI has supporting Ross ERP Customers since version 3.1 (more than 10 years ago) when Barr Laboratories left began their SAP implementation. Ever since we have supported customers with on-demand support. LSI Support Services provides functional, technical support and system adminstration support.

Automated AP Processing

AP Automation is now easy with the KOFAX solution which is now integrated with the Ross ERP application.  For companies that deal with lots of purchase order invoices this solution is a lifesaver.  Customers can capture and extract the Purchase Invoice data by simply scanning vendors Purchase Invoices and via our xml integration to Ross ERP the extracted data is used to create the Ross ERP Purchase Invoice transaction document. Scanning /processing exceptions are the only PO Invoices that must be worked cutting the processing of these invoices significantly! Additional features KOFAX includes GL Coding, automated approvals, and more!

SG-Ross Integration Live

GO-LIVE: SG Systems Bi-Directional Integration goes LIVE.... After lots of challenges a major food company that depends on the SG Systems scales solution for correct RM inputs and FG outputs has gone LIVE. LSI developed the bi-directional integration to the Ross ERP application leveraging WEB Services and Ross ERP API's.

Tropical Bottling

Tropical Bottling Corporation selects HansaWorld ERP and LSI to provide consulting services for their growing operations. Tropical Bottling the maker of Welch's Soda is working to bring Welch's Soda across the country.