Our Story

For several years starting in 2002 we started as Software Works, Inc (SWI) and contracted with Ross Systems Company to assist customers to fix and find workarounds so customers could actually run Ross ERP version 2.4.


DEVELOPMENT PARTNER: Years later we became not only a service contractor but also a contracted development team to develop Ross ERP modules for customers initially developing modules such as Customer Service, Route Accounting, Route Settlement, Route Management, Direct Store Delivery, Barcode Data Collection, and Lockbox Processing. In addition for a steel company we also developed Advanced Manufacturing which was prominent

RESELLER: Several years passed and Ross Systems sold to CDC Software and we eventually became the only standing Ross ERP Application Reseller. We had great success selling several new logo deals and also assisting existing customers to overcome their product/vendor problems to “stay” on Ross and hence continue to pay annual maintenance.

Even today all of our Ross ERP team members continue to provide Ross ERP customers with our service and technical expertise providing upgrades, implementations, development, and so much more! We continue to develop extensions to the Ross ERP application to customers adding to our list of LSI developed products as well as 3rd party solutions.